November 23-25, 2018

3-Day Workshop
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Do you want to build an outstanding acting reel? Award-winning Director, Casting Director and Acting Coach to the Stars, Tracey Moore, together with other industry professionals, can help you make it happen!
During this productive workshop, we will work with you on staging and filming the materials to build-up a reel that will stand out from the rest!

During this 3-day workshop, you will learn the subtleties that make acting for camera an art on its own. You will also learn specific differences between performing for Film and for TV, as well as useful tips and tricks that will make your performance more compelling, moving, and interesting to watch. 

You will work on a one-minute monologue, and on a short scene, as the leading character, partnering with one or more students.

This dynamic will help you master the different career-building skills that make a good actor: listening, reacting, and pacing your actions for the camera.  You will also practice values like teamwork, patience, and humility - all characteristics of a great professional.

Come and meet other ambitious young actors, learn from seasoned professionals, and leave with an IMDB worthy Acting Reel.


Three days of intensive instruction and production with Film and TV professionals.

Creation of a 1-minute long Monologue and a 2-3 minutes Scene.

Two days of a professional video-shoot in a studio or on location in New York City.

Official The Broadway Star Project's Acing Real Challenge T-shirt.

Electronic HD copy of your professionally finished Acting Reel.



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*Submissions for minors must be made by an adult.

Tuition is due after acceptance.